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Accident with non insured Car? MIB to the ResQ!

Oh how angry we become or agitated when we find out our beloved car being hit by another who are without insurance? Enter MIB… no… not Man In Black. LoLs!

Any damage or even injuries can be claim with Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Malaysia (MIB). It is a special fund made special for all road user! Wow!! we must be thankful to the new Pakatan National (PN) government right?! Not just yet.

What is Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB)?

Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Malaysia establish on January 15th 1968. Yes it ain’t not new. Reason? To give SOCIAL JUSTICE to all road user and it was conceived under Road Traffic Ordinance 1958 (now Road Traffic Act 1987) Owh how the government really loves the people back then. It was established to give justice to the road victim who didn’t get any nor any monetary compensation either to the driver, pedestrian and or passenger involved in an accident with any automobile that has no valid insurance. The fund came from all insurance company in Malaysia; and it is made compulsory for all of them to contribute to MIB annually. Then the fund will be utilised to help road victim should they (victim) satisfied all of the parameters.

How to make the claims to MIB

Imagine this scenario : you and your small fam strolling on Sunday morning drive to Genting Highland to take a sip warm Americano and bagels in Coffee Beans up in the highland all the sudden you were hit by a bright red Ferrari 488. You are all shook up but then you are glad; cause its a Ferrari bang you up nicely in the derrière. Its an early payday! Wrong! The owner of the Ferrari said I have no insurance ,refused to pay and has the audacity to say it is not his fault; and hopped into his fellow Ferrari buddies and his car towed away in less than 15 mins courtesy of ResQ Roadside assistance web apps. Now, that feeling of glad will race to anger faster than any Ferrari 0-100 kph. You are hurt physically and your pride were robbed. This ain’t right! So where to claim?

I can assure you before this 99% of us Malaysian don’t even know. So with your sharing on your SocMed more and more Malaysian will know this.

So let me tell you that this kind of case you can claim with Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

Ok lets dive into the HOW

Take note on the following prior to make the claim with MIB : - Present you claim directly to MIB or you may hire a legal representation. - Make sure you have the correct number plate of the culprit’s car. MIB can’t make any payment for hit & run or the automobile that has no plate number. - You have to submit to MIB in no more than 72 hours or 3 days from the date of accident. - If you hiring a lawyer; your lawyer must file to MIB within 30 days before the claims can be done at the court and submit all relevant documents. - MIB will only pay to all injuries only excluding you automobile damages, property, loss of income and anything not related to bodily harm. - The quantum will be decided by MIB and MIB only base on the merits of your case. Documents to be submitted to MIB - Letter to MIB describing detail of the event/accident, reason of claim and other relevant documents. - A copy of report with the car plate number (Culprits) - Police Reports detailing on the accident - Medical reports

And submit all of the documents to : Motor Insurers’ Bureau of West Malaysia Wisma PIAM 150-3, 3rd Floor Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields 50782 Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03-2274 7395 Fax : 03-2274 5910

Been in an accident is an experience to forget and baneful. Apart from managing trauma; you have to do so many things post accidents; personal claims among others. Therefore, it is imperative we must know our right as individual and road user to defend ourself from any wrongdoing and utilise all outlets to make any claims based on any situations. Thus, this sharing or PSA on how to make injury claims to MIB after you been hit by an automobile that has no insurance or car owner that are not willing to bare responsible to the accident.





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